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Company Culture

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Objective: To create value and to benefit the public

To create value is to carry out more value-added activities, less non-value added activities, and to eliminate waste.

To benefit the public is to undertake social responsibility, to think of the source after wealth accumulation, to repay society, and to give.


Vision: To become an epitome enterprise in the high efficiency and energy saving engine parts industry through constant technical innovation

Technical innovation is the everlasting force for the development of an enterprise. It is only by innovation and value-added products via technology can the long-term development of an enterprise be sustained.


Operation Philosophy: Customer centric, good faith, team spirit and proactive learning

Customer centric is to revolve everything around customers’ need, to strive for customer satisfaction, and to create value for customers.

Good faith is to honor promises with faith, and to strictly abide by the business ethics.

Team spirit is to work as one, with mutual respect and mutual care, to achiever synergy.

Proactive learning is to be inquisitive, to stay engaged, and to fully materialize one’s own potential, to innovate, and aim for higher standard.


Quality Policy of Kehua: Quality first, prompt delivery, reasonable pricing, considerate service.

Quality first - only high quality and reliable products will gain a customer’s long-term trust

Prompt delivery - keep the promises made to the customers in product delivery

Reasonable pricing – product quality reflects its value, and products of good value is one of Kehua’s competitive advantages

Considerate service – provide excellent customer service with good communication to make Kehua’s products popular around the world.